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located in Seattle, WA.

We create captivating spaces that truly embody our clients' brand essence and unique vision. With a focus on innovation, we continuously push boundaries, bringing fresh ideas and creative solutions to every project, ensuring that each space we design is truly remarkable.

Featured Projects

Artix Apartments

Queen Anne, WA
New Construction
Open Now

“Live Among Icons”

Artix apartments is a project that celebrates local culture and aims to create an authentic and vibrant living experience. The design incorporates edgy street art, rustic materials, strong geometric forms, and organic art forms. We collaborated with local artists to bring our vision and their creations into the interior spaces. This collaboration transformed the spaces into living canvases that depict and narrate the story of the community.

Ovation at Meeker

55+ Affordable Senior Living
Kent, WA
New Construction
Coming Soon

“Fusion of styles”

Ovation at Meeker embraces a fusion of styles, bridging the future with the familiar trends of yesterday. Featuring neutral backgrounds, colors, and unexpected elements, we strive to create a harmonious and modern aesthetic. Each destination within the interior amenities is crafted to offer a unique experience. Residents come together, stay connected, and live within a vibrant community.